Paleo Diet or Eating like a Caveman


The so-called Paleo Diet has been in the headlines a lot recently but what is it and how exactly does it relate to LCHF?

The Paleo Diet is quite simply eating like a caveman would, which in practical terms means plenty of meats, fish, fats, berries, roots, nuts, etc. So-called “modern” food items such as farmed fruits & veg, almost all carbohydrates and dairy are forbidden. But why go to such extremes? The answer is quite simple and based on sound science.

If we study the human genome over the entire period of modern human existence, we see that any changes/mutations have been negligible i.e. our genes have changed very little over the last 2 million years or so. Given that modern agriculture has been around for only the last 15,000 yrs or so, the argument goes that we are not adapted to eating anything other than the “paleo foods” listed above. I happen to agree with this and further, the paleo diet is wholly compatible with LCHF. Another supporting argument is my findings with dairy which I believe is unsuitable for most humans.

Being 100% Paleo is 100% LCHF as far as I’m concerned. However, I think life would be pretty boring without some eggs, dark chocolate, coconut cream, xylitol, etc. every now and again..

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