“Diets high in sugar have been known to cause acne” – UK Independent


By strange co-incidence, I was about to write a blog post about acne and LCHF when I saw this article in the UK Independent newspaper today, the opening line of which reads “Diets high in sugar have been known to cause acne”. Once you understand the science behind LCHF all you’ve got to ask yourself is what exactly is acne? Yes you guessed it, it’s stored fat! I know from personal experience that this works through my wife, a life long acne sufferer, who was COMPLETELY cured when she went LCHF.

As the article explains, there are also hormonal and other issues involved and so LCHF may not be a panacea cure for all acne sufferers but surely, rather than drugs and ointments, the starting point for curing acne should be an LCHF diet?

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