There’s no going back!


Two and a half years in with LCHF and pushing 50, here are just some of the added, unexpected health benefits that I’ve noticed:

  • No dry skin: skin is soft and elastic again, like a baby’s, looks and feels younger.
  • Better cognition: able to concentrate for longer, work long days without any fatigue due to brain working on ketones.
  • Sleep better: deeper, more refreshing sleeps. Easily get by on less sleep if required: quality not quantity, again due to ketones.
  • No huge blood sugar swings and crashes, stable moods.
  • Improved eyesight: used to wear glasses for distance, not any more! Human lens is very sensitive to glucose and swells if blood glucose is elevated.
  • Can wear 32″ jeans again, first time in over 20 years!
  • Overall feel more full of energy, strong desire to exercise!

There’s absolutely no going back for me!

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