Practical Ketogenics: Breakfast, keep it simple!


Breakfast, my favourite and sometimes ONLY really big meal of the day, depending on what I’m doing. This forms the basis of my day and I vary the amount according do the day’s projected energy requirements. For example, if I’m expecting a relatively sedentary day sitting at the desk I just have a small amount of bacon and one egg. If I’m expecting to be out and about and/or exercising I increase the amount of bacon and add another egg as required. I also take my supplements AFTER breakfast. More on these later..

The point is to listen to your body. Remember, EAT ONLY WHEN HUNGRY! If I’m not hungry when I wake up, I don’t “force the issue” and I won’t eat anything. Just go with the flow!

My typical breakfast:

  • Fried bacon and egg in clarified butter.
  • Avocado, pepper, cucumber and tomatoes.
  • Plenty of homemade mayonnaise!
  • Fresh Arabica filter coffee with cocunut milk/cream, pinch of vanilla powder and/or xlyitol as required.

One thought on “Practical Ketogenics: Breakfast, keep it simple!

  1. My wife and I recently started on a low inflammation diet, partially inspired by your recent interview with Ivor Cummins. We’ve cut out all potential sources of inflamation, but we also cut out nightshades and it is emotionally distressing to do without tomatoes and peppers. Is this something that is inflammatory to some people but not to others? I see in this post that you include Belladonna family in your typical breakfast. Wife has asthma, arthritis, fiber myalgia, allergies, and eczema.

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