Practical Ketogenics: Breakfast, keep it simple!


Breakfast, my favourite and sometimes ONLY really big meal of the day, depending on what I’m doing. This forms the basis of my day and I vary the amount according do the day’s projected energy requirements. For example, if I’m expecting a relatively sedentary day sitting at the desk I just have a small amount of bacon and one egg. If I’m expecting to be out and about and/or exercising I increase the amount of bacon and add another egg as required. I also take my supplements AFTER breakfast. More on these later..

The point is to listen to your body. Remember, EAT ONLY WHEN HUNGRY! If I’m not hungry when I wake up, I don’t “force the issue” and I won’t eat anything. Just go with the flow!

My typical breakfast:

  • Fried bacon and egg in clarified butter.
  • Avocado, pepper, cucumber and tomatoes.
  • Plenty of homemade mayonnaise!
  • Fresh Arabica filter coffee with cocunut milk/cream, pinch of vanilla powder and/or xlyitol as required.

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