Low Carb Coconut Cream Frappe


LCHF Frappe

Summer is here, and what better than to chill out with a delicious LCHF Coconut Cream Frappe. The inspiration for this came from my recent holiday to Greece, home of the frappe.

You simply can’t visit Greece in the summer without trying out a frappe. The trouble of course is that they tend to come laden with sugar and dairy, so they aren’t much good for the strict LCHF practitioner. However, with just a little bit of imagination, you can come up with your own LCHF version that tastes at least as good if not better in my opinion!

The key to a REALLY GOOD frappe is strong, cold-brewed, high quality Arabica coffee. It needs to be strong because the ice over which it is served will dilute the coffee flavour and it needs to be cold steeped and chilled overnight in a French press for that extra-cold, extra-strong kick, ready to be diluted just a little further by the coconut cream. The other trick is the sweetener, in this case xylitol. You don’t want to add your sweetener, be it xylitol or sugar, direct to the cold mixture because it won’t dissolve and will just sink to the bottom.


Take about 5-6 cups of cold, fresh water and add it to a french press. Add 2 heaped teaspoons of coffee per cup to the water and mix. Put the lid on the press but DO NOT press it down and leave it to stand in the fridge overnight. Meanwhile, take 4-5 teaspoons of xylitol, add to a small cup and cover with a small amount of boiling water. Mix, and allow to cool.

When you are ready to make the frappe, press down on the press and pour the coffee into a container for blending. Pour in the xylitol mixture, add some coconut cream to taste and blend with a hand blender until frothy. Serve over ice.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised how good this is!


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