This is a great snack if you’re feeling a little peckish in the afternoons. I lived off these during my weight loss phase. Delicious, easy to prepare and something you can take “ready-made” with you on the move e.g. work.


Fresh Arabica filter coffee
Approx 30g Cocoa Butter
1-2 dl Coconut Cream
1 tsp Cold Pressed Coconut Oil
Xylitol & Vanilla Powder to taste


Melt the cocoa butter, coconut cream and coconut oil over a low heat and mix until uniform. Add the coffee and use a hand blender to mix until frothy. Pour into a mug and add xylitol & vanilla powder to taste.

Note: you can allow this to cool overnight in the fridge. Due to the fat content it will set into a firm gel, allowing you to easily transport it with you when on the move. Just warm up in a microwave or pan on a stove and serve.



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