Roast chicken: simple, quick & great value

Roast Chicken, a great value meal

Available freshly made at just about every supermarket chain nowadays, it’s simply not worth roasting your own chicken at home anymore. Great value, with the roast skin being a nice source of fat. Save the carcass for making a nice bouillon later on. Nothing goes to waste!

Just go easy on the white meat in one sitting. Chicken meat is relatively high protein and, unless you are resistance training for muscle mass, you run the risk of spiking your insulin, albeit for a short period. This is really not an issue if you’re not consuming large amounts per week.

Remember, daily human protein requirements are relatively small; only 1.5-2.0g protein/kg of LEAN body mass (your overall weight minus your body fat) per day.

For example, for a 70kg adult with, say 20% body fat, lean body mass is 70 – (0.2 x 70) = 56kg. Hence, absolute max daily protein requirement is 56 x 2 = ONLY 112g , or less than one chicken leg! You will know if you’ve eaten too much protein because you will experience a mild queasy or sickly feeling.

Serve in the usual manner with avocado, fresh above-ground veg, and/or kale chips & home made mayonnaise. DO NOT throw away the carcass. Use it to make a delicious bouillon. More on how to make this in future posts..

For more on the effects of protein on insulin, see here.

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