Delicious Bouillon from left-over Chicken Carcasses

Delicious Chicken Carcass Bouillon

Delicious Chicken Carcass Bouillon

As per my previous post, I promised to show you how to make bouillon from a left-over chicken carcass, so here it is! 

Bouillon is REALLY easy to make and, as per Phinney & Volek, contains just about everything a human needs, both in terms of plasma volume maintenance (salt) and essential minerals & nutrients, as well as some fat to boot. You can make this from any left-overs, not just chicken. I can’t over-emphasize how good this is! If you make this a regular part of your LCHF diet, you can’t go wrong in my opinion. I consume this regularly as lunch or a mid-afternoon snack.

One chicken carcass really isn’t enough to get you going so I tend to save used carcasses in the freezer until have at least 2 or 3. The only other thing you need are high quality vegetable bouillon (stock) cubes and some water. It’s important to choose high quality stock cubes and pay a little more for them because the cheap ones have A LOT of sugar in them. I’ve seen some with as much as 60g/100g of carbs. Yes, they even put sugar in these!


Add the chicken carcasses to a pan and sprinkle over 2-3 stock cubes per carcass. Add some water until the carcasses are just covered. Bring to boil and simmer for at least 90 mins, the longer the better, stirring occasionally. When ready, strain through a sieve into a mug and enjoy!

Note: chilled bouillon will set like jelly, similar to my KetoCoffee, making it easy to transport and re-heat at a later date. It will also keep nicely for long periods, covered-up in the fridge. You can even freeze it.

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