This Week’s Meal Plan

OK, so as promised, here is this coming week’s meal plan..

Wk44 Meal Plan

Wk44 Meal Plan

You can download a PDF version here.


  • The plan is based on a family of three; 2 adults, one 4 yr old. All recipes have already been published on the blog. See “recipes” in the category list on the right. We always plan our meals in advance for the coming week. Being a busy family with 2 adults working full-time this saves on time, hassle and arguments! It also makes shopping very easy since lists can be prepared well in advance. We do our shopping daily rather than weekly in order to always source produce at its freshest. In order to save further time and effort we also carry some meals over into the next day when, for example, there isn’t time for either adult to prepare a meal that particular day.
  • Lunch: I have left as “TBA” for now since I never really have a planned lunch, if anything at all. If I have anything it’s usually leftovers from previous night’s dinner or other small “snack”. I will keep you posted via the blog and twitter as to exactly what I am having.
  • Desserts: We usually have any desserts after our evening meals only, on an ad-hoc basis e.g. in-season berries, dates, pop-corn, etc. See blog and twitter @lchfliving for daily updates regarding this.
  • Breakfast & Breakfast Alternative: I have slowly been reducing the size of my breakfasts. I am down to around 6 rashers of bacon & 2 fried eggs. I simply feel too full on any more than this these days. Omelette/ scrambled eggs is a nice alternative occasionally, consisting of 2-3 eggs, coconut cream, seasoning, chopped onions/ veg, and meats. Can also be served with home-made mayonnaise.
  • Drinks: with all my meals I have plain tap water with fresh lemon & lime and High 5 zero “neutral” tabs for salt/ mineral replacement. In between meals I drink Yorkshire Tea with soya milk.
  • Snacks & Treats: I allow myself occasional snacks and treats during the day when e.g. out shopping I sometimes go to a cafe and have coffee and a croissant, danish pastry, etc. I have even recently found some dairy-free tofu ice cream which is pretty good. Again, these are unplanned but I will tweet and post to the blog site EXACTLY what I am snacking on and when.
  • Olive bread: Ever since returning from Crete, I have been using small amounts of olive bread with just about all meals, to act as a sponge to soak up any/ all remaining fat from the plate. I NEVER eat this bread “dry”. It must come with a healthy dose of fat or not at all. It seems to be working out just fine.
  • Exercise: since returning from the Red Sea, I have done absolutely ZERO planned exercise! I simply haven’t had time. I expect this to continue this coming week. The only exception to this is walking to/ from the shops and cycling to collect my daughter from day care. I would like to perhaps do some more exercise but there’s absolutely no pressure to do so; my weight remains the same whether I exercise or not!
  • Supplements: I am supplementing each morning AFTER breakfast. For details, see here. NOTE: I am no longer supplementing any magnesium due to the fact that I am consuming adequate quantities of kale, a rich, natural source of magnesium.
  • Measuring food intake: after 3 years of LCHF, I don’t need to measure anything anymore. As I’ve already stated, there’s absolutely no need to measure calories anyway, plus I am now so well-versed in the carb content of just about all foods these days, that I “instinctively” know whether what I am eating is anywhere close to my personal tolerance levels.
  • In practice: I find that we make enough food to last more than one week, so that some meals might be skipped/ modified accordingly as the week progresses. I will let you know if/ when this happens. The point is though that EVERYTHING we make is eventually eaten. NOTHING goes to waste!

That’s about it for now! If I’ve forgotten anything I will update both on twitter and on the blog. Meanwhile, if you have any questions at all as we go along this week, please just ask! The more feedback we get, the better it is for all.

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