LCHF Meal Plan, Day 6: P.M. & Dinner

OK, this was dinner on Day 6 and probably the quickest and best value of all so far. Supermarket roast chicken, fresh from the meat counter with veg, mayo and kale chips. Prior to this, I just had some resistant starch again in the afternoon.

The olive bread was primarily used to mop the plate clean. You don’t want any of that precious fat going to waste!

Dessert was again some blueberries, pecan nuts and coconut cream. Just for fun, I also threw in a bit of cocoa butter we still have lying around, which added some more fat and gave it a bit of a “chocolaty” taste. I also had a bit of popcorn, all washed down with a cup of tea with soya milk. Filling but NOT bloating. Perfect!

Next meal: breakfast, day 7..

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