LCHF Meal Plan, Days 7 & 8

Apologies for no post yesterday. I was away from my computer all day, so here’s the update for the final 2 days of the LCHF meal plan..

Day 7:

All according to the plan except I had a croissant and coffee in the afternoon and panna cotta as dessert after dinner. No exercise.

Day 8, final day:

Woke up this morning with a slight weight gain, 1/2 kilo and 1 cm added to the waist. Not much and well within acceptable limits but here’s the “BUT”!! Even this small weight gain is a warning sign that I probably overdid the carbs on Day 6 a little, probably the popcorn which I confess I ate warm, immediately after popping. At my age, this can easily get out of control, plus I’ve been doing this long enough now to know that another pastry today or something else relatively high carb, would quickly add another half kilo VERY EASILY. This is how quickly and insidiously weight gain starts folks!! So I’m taking it easy today on snacks i.e. nil, and just going with the published meal plan. No need to starve myself or anything like that, but just keep to strict carb limits for the next couple of days or so and see how we go. From experience I know that all should be OK again by tomorrow, day after at the latest.

Anyway, no planned exercise again today and I’ll be having panna cotta again after my moussaka tonight. Can’t wait!

I hope you’ve enjoyed following my meal plan this last week. If you have any questions, please get in touch. I know of at least one individual who, through following the plan has lost over 2kg (7lbs) this week. Congratulations and just keep going!

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