Why you shouldn’t go nuts over nuts

I get a lot of questions from people about nuts. On the face of it they would appear OK from an LCHF point-of-view i.e. relatively high in fat, but all is not quite as it seems and here’s why..

Nut Double Whammy

The problem is that although nuts tend to come with a relatively high fat content, they also come with a healthy helping of carbs, usually way more than 30g/ 100g. Remember, anything greater than 30/ 100 you should consider to be “high carb” as per this post.

There is another problem with nuts and that’s inflammation.  Some people are quite simply allergic to nuts, even to the extent that eating just a few peanuts could be terminal!

Take it easy, don’t go nuts!

Now I’m not saying don’t eat ANY nuts ever, I’m just saying a) be selective about which ones you eat and b) don’t go overboard i.e. don’t be snacking on them on a regular basis. A few nuts here and there will do you no harm whatsoever unless you are allergic to them.

When it comes to nuts, here’s what I do:

  • Be selective: e.g. walnuts & macadamias; although expensive are relatively high fat and low carb. They also come with other beneficial ingredients.
  • With the exception of perhaps the above, don’t buy nuts to snack on by themselves. Try to incorporate them into meals/ desserts such as this casserole and this dessert.
  • If you exhibit any signs of inflammation at all, remove them from your diet IMMEDIATELY.

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