Summer is here at last!


Time to get some free Vitamin D from the sun!

Finally, the sun is out and summer is back once more in the Nordics. Time to get those shoes & socks off and the flips on for some precious and FREE Vitamin D, courtesy of the sun.

In one of my earlier posts prior to the winter, I explained how I was increasing my Vitamin D intake for the winter months. Accordingly, now that the sun is back, I’m dropping back again on the D sups (100 ug/day) and replacing it with the real thing i.e. a minimum of 20 mins/ day, shirt off, in the sun, weather permitting. If the weather is cold and cloudy for any protracted period of time, and hence not possible to get the shirt off, I will go back to increased sup intake for however long is required. This will be my regime until the autumn returns once again.

I’ve also started getting into some calisthenics, down at the local park, the benefits of which I can’t over emphasize. The endorphin rush from doing just a few simple exercises is simply wonderful. It feels great! However, as with all exercise, if you are overweight I recommend getting your weight down via LCHF FIRST, before you even think of starting. Since calisthenics is all about strength/ weight ratios, you really are doing yourself no favours at all by carry any extra flab about. So, the key is to get your weight down first and then go for it! You’ll enjoy it all the more for doing so. Further, it doesn’t matter how old you are, calisthenics is for everyone. Just take a look  at BarStarzz YouTube channel for some truly inspirational videos, with people of all ages and genders. They also have some great tips and tricks to get you started and, best of all, calisthenics is FREE, something you can do virtually anywhere, indoors or out; no gymn membership required! More from me and my progress with calisthenics in future posts..

In the meantime, enjoy the summer!

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