Latest Bloods, Lipids & Bio-Markers

The results are just in and, as promised, here they all are together with a full breakdown of all parameters and their interpretation..


Age: 50
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: White, Caucasian
Height: 1.92 m
Weight: 94.8 kg
Waist circumference: 90 cm
Blood pressure: 130/70

For comparison purposes, last year’s results may be found here..

Breakdown & Interpretation

  • Lipoproteins A1 & B:  Apolipoprotein (apo) B (ref: <1.20 g/L) is atherogenic i.e. leads to poor arterial wall health whilst lipoprotein apo AI (ref: >1.15 g/L) is antiatherogenic, i.e. the opposite. It is now widely considered that the high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol and the apo B/AI ratio provides a better prediction of future cardiovascular events than measuring low-density lipoprotein (LDL)-cholesterol levels. Hence the ratio for these current readings is 0.45 (ref: <0.90). Note that most labs and doctors are still behind the curve on this one and it is not yet offered as part of your standard lipid profile “package”. Hence, be prepared to ask for it separately.
  • Vitamin D: (ref: 75-250 nmol/L) No problems here. My supplement and sunshine regimen is working out nicely!
  • C reactive protein: (ref: 0-10 mg/L) This is the general measure for inflammation and it’s the first time since going LCHF that I’ve had it taken. I really only wanted to have some idea of what my baseline value might be on an ultra-low inflammation diet. Now I know!
  • Glucose:  (ref range: 4-6 mmol/L) is the instantaneous fasting blood glucose level. A reading above 6 is considered to be “pre-diabetic”.
  • Haemoglobin A1c: (ref: 27-42 mmol/mol) A more accurate, long-term measure of blood glucose levels.
  • Cholesterol: (ref: 3.3-6.9 mmol/L) Overall cholesterol level.
  • HDL: (ref: 0.8-2.1 mmol/L) high density lipids (“Good Cholesterol”)
  • LDL: (ref: 1.4-4.7 mmol/L) low density lipids (“Bad Cholesterol”)
  • Triglycerides: (ref: 0.45-2.6 mmol/L)

Compared to last year, everything is still well within limits and ALL results show an improvement.


I am naturally very pleased with the blood results themselves but of particular interest is my waist circumference which has fallen by 5 cm since last year. When I started LCHF, my waist was 107 cm, well above limits. After my weight loss phase, it fell to 95cm, just on/ above limits, and that’s where it stayed until last year, when we went on holiday to Crete. That’s when I inadvertently dropped all ghee & industrial seed oils from my diet. The results were startling and almost instantaneous. My waist fell to 90 cm in less than 2 weeks WITHOUT ANY EXERCISE and that’s where it has stayed ever since. Since my weight hasn’t changed one bit over the same period, this means that I have lost fat and gained muscle.

This is now my 4th year of LCHF and these results are the best they’ve ever been. For me this has removed any remaining doubts (if there were any..) that not only does LCHF work but it’s also perfectly safe and healthy.

This year I turned 50 but I feel better than I ever did, even in my teens!!


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