Yet another site record for August!


Wow! August 2016 saw yet another HUGE spike and all-time record for monthly site visits and we’ve now more than doubled last year’s total for the entire year!! This was of course mainly due to the site being featured on the DietDoctor website. 

Here’s the latest blog posts breakdown so far in 2016, both by popularity and country visits, in descending order:


I would like to thank all my readers for helping to make this happen, especially those of you who have taken the time to ask questions & leave comments, both on the website and directly via email. I read ALL of them and will ALWAYS try to answer your questions, no matter how stupid or trivial you might think they are! We are all here to learn.. Your support has helped to propel the LIHF Living website to an entirely new level altogether, something for which I am extremely grateful 😉 Without you, the reader, this would be impossible.

Plans for blog posts in September 2016:

  • It’s back to school and so more on “Kids & Keto” and some good news with our daughter’s dairy intake 😉
  • Exercise: I plan to talk more about this with a comprehensive summary of what I have done on LIHF and what I am doing. I’ll also be connecting the dots and explaining why I’m so convinced that dairy & industrial seed oils are so inflammatory for me thanks to my experience with exercise.
  • I plan to start regular, intermittent fasting and would particularly like to hear from those who are already doing so.
  • I want to hear more of your stories, trials & tribulations with LIHF! I promise to publish the most interesting & relevant ones. In particular, I want to hear from folks who are trying to determine or have already fully determined their Inflammation Pyramids.

All this & MUCH more!
Onwards & upwards..



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