What a difference 10 weeks make!


Only 10 weeks separate these 2 images!

Yes, seeing is believing folks! Only 10 weeks separate these 2 images of my back. The one on the left was taken mid-July this year and the one on the right was taken last week-end. My wife, who took both photos, was careful to compose the “after” shot in exactly the same way as the before so that there would be no “bias”. These are “raw” images, straight from the mobile phone with NO photo-shopping or other enhancements! So what did I do to achieve this?

Cognitive Dissonance, Lessons learned..


That before picture truly shocked me! It’s not often we get to see our backs. Of course it’s not just the front of the waist where we collect fat but all round. So I decided to make some changes. I was using (I thought!) small amounts of bread as a “sponge” to mop up any remaining fat after meals. However, once I added things up I realized that this had got completely out of hand.. At one point I was eating almost one baguette/ day!! I also looked at my desserts. This was mainly nuts, berries & coconut cream. Again, the amount was insidiously creeping up & up, to the point where I was having it almost every day. Not good!

I decided immediately to drop ALL bread and reduce desserts to max 3x/ week. I also carried on with my training program which I had just started. I feel much better for it (less bloating) and the results speak for themselves I think. The contrast is clear!


The older you are, the stricter you need to be, even if you are exercising regularly. Carb tolerance falls off a cliff after 40! This kind of thing can & will creep up on you as I discovered. DON’T be lulled into a false sense of security and start reverting to old habits. Stay strict at all times!! You’ll feel and look better (younger!) for it in the long run..

2 thoughts on “What a difference 10 weeks make!

    • Very much so.. If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the last four years it’s just that: Keep it tight at all times, esp when “of a certain age” 🙂

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