Skin by Keto – “Because You’re Worth It”!


My wife: Before (WITH make-up!!) & After LIHF (NO make-up)

The dramatic effects of a change in lifestyle on your skin! (NO ENHANCEMENTS ON EITHER SHOT!!). I have seen similar changes in my own skin but this really is one for all you ladies out there! 

In my wife’s own words:

The before pic was taken in 2009. After pic: Jul 2016. I had been suffering from ACNE from the age of 13 onwards. I thought I’d never get rid of it. I only had “good skin” (read, “acceptable”) when I was using the pill or when pregnant. Before, I had a “greasy skin type” (or whatever they call it), now it’s normal. Nowadays I don’t use ANY skin products on my face, not even make-up. I only wash it with water. Before going LIHF my skin was greasy, dry, grey and, especially in the winter, I had to use moisturizer. Not anymore..

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  1. I have always had acne or greasy skin since age 12. Periods where I have cut sugar or dairy helped a bit. But now having cut carbs and sugar and dairy, my skin is much much better with hardly a spot. Wish I’d known this in my teen years.

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