n=1 & Proud! Four years of Bloods & Bio-Markers in one post..

I’ve been meaning to do this for a while. It was just a question of collating paper printouts & records and putting everything in one spreadsheet. So here they are..




  1. Unfortunately, I kept no records prior to 2012.
  2. Started LCHF in October 2012.


Like a lot of people my overall cholesterol gradually increased on LCHF but has now started to come down again. I’ve already explained why I think I had a sharp fall in waist circumference between 2015-16 in this post.  Apart from that, I’ll leave you to draw your own conclusions about the rest..

n=1 Database

I am lucky. I live in a country with top-notch lab facilities, where blood testing is available as a walk-in service almost everywhere.  Others are not so, or require at minimum a doctor’s referral for even the most basic blood panel testing. I think this is wrong and is part of the reason people are largely ignorant about what their blood test results mean. If people were able to take more control I believe they would take more interest and it is for this reason that I encourage other people like the gentleman below who got in touch via twitter to do the same thing as I am doing. The more people there are demanding these services, the more companies will offer them and more competition means lower prices for the customer!

To that end, I am considering starting a “n=1 database” of like-minded individuals who want to “take control” of their own health and share their findings with others. The world is crying out for more data on the longer term effects of LIHF Living! User anonymity will of course be respected (username only) but ALL data will be available to ALL subscribers. This will not be limited to just blood tests but also diet, general lifestyle & exercise routines. If this is of interest to you & you would like to be considered as one of the “Beta Testers” then please get in touch via the contact form below. As soon as we have a “critical mass” of people we can then get the ball rolling!

“I wish to be considered as a Beta Tester for the “n=1 database””:

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