2016: A truly memorable year!


On my way to my first ever handstand..

It’s that time of year again, a time for reflection and for looking forward. At the start of this year, my little blog went virtually unnoticed in a veritable sea of diet & health blogs. Twelve months on and how things have changed!

It all started in January when I turned 50, a pretty huge occasion in itself, then in May of this year I started some basic strength training. I remember clearly trying to do my first pull-up & failing miserably but I was determined not to give up and strength training has since become a firm feature of my life.

August was when my blog caught the attention of DietDoctor and my story was featured on his website both in English & Swedish. Not only that, but my blog is also currently featured on the DD blogs page, here. Without doubt that was a major turning point. It not only put my blog on the map but also the entire subject of inflammation, something which I am deeply passionate about.

As we moved towards the end of the year, I grew stronger & stronger and soon started to make great improvements with my training..

Some ab work..

Some light skipping..

And finally, culminating on Christmas Eve with this, my first ever unassisted handstand!

Looking Forward to 2017..

There are many personal goals that I still want to achieve, not necessarily all in 2017 but certainly at some point in the future, namely:

  • walk up/ down a flight of stairs on my hands!
  • A human flag (holding a vertical pole with body fully-stretched out horizontally at the same time)
  • Muscle ups
  • Keep blogging!
  • Work towards getting the IIBoC fully up-and-running.

I’m sure others will crop up as time goes by but for now at least this will do nicely!

My one big wish is that my little blog serves as both a creditable resource & inspiration for others who wish to make the same changes to their lifestyles that I have. I hope that I have and will continue to prove that anyone can do this, no matter what age you are! I also hope that you will continue to follow, read & comment on my posts. I read all of them, good or bad, and I always try to provide feedback. It gives me the assurance that someone out there is actually reading my posts, as well as the inspiration to continue blogging..

I wish my readers all the best for 2017!


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