My Ω-3 Index Test & Results


The Omega Quant Test Kit

At the end of 2016 I decided to get my Omega 3 Index tested. I’ve been meaning to get this done for a while now but costs where I live were prohibitive, around €250! It was while preparing Sandy Cardy’s guest post on inflammation that I came across a US-based company called Omega Quant (see end of article for link & how to claim your discount..) who were offering the same service for a fraction of the cost, around $55 for the same test!

So I got in touch and asked them if they have any testing facilities outside the US. They said no, but the test could be done through the post and they would be happy to send me a complementary testing kit for a review on my blog.. win-win!  Omega Quant offer 3 types of testing: Basic, Index Plus & Index Complete. I was fortunate enough to be offered the Index Complete Test which includes:

  • Full Fatty Acid Profile
  • Omega-3 Index
  • Trans Fat Index
  • Omega-6/Omega-3 ratio
  • AA/EPA ratio

Why Test?

There are many reasons but the prime one for me is of course related to inflammation: there’s a clear link to Omega-3 & inflammation which I have discussed in a previous post here. Related to this is the Omega-3/ 6 ratio. The higher this is, the higher your chronic long-term inflammation is likely to be. Hence, from an inflammation & longevity point of view it’s good to know what your Omega-3 Index is & what to do if the test shows you have a low Index reading.

Testing Procedure

The test kit came through the post in a very neat, CD cover-style package, see above. The kit contained everything you need to perform the test: a clear and easy-to-follow set of instructions on the inside cover, lancing kit, sample collection paper, personal details form & return, pre-paid & addressed envelope with which to send the sample back to Omega Quant labs. The test itself took no more than 5 mins to perform.



Test Report

The results came in the form of a comprehensive 6-page report via email, which contained everything you needed to know to both interpret the results & any necessary dietary changes you may need to make as a result. It was detailed & comprehensive & I was impressed! So here are my results:

  • Omega-3 Index: 4.58%
  • Omega-6/ 3 ratio: 8.2:1
  • AA/EPA: 27.3:1
  • Trans Fat Index: 0.41%

Results Interpretation & Proposed Remedial Actions

Trans Fat Index: “Desirable”

As you can see, although not disastrous, things could be better, especially with the AA:EPA ratio. Based on these results, the report suggests I increase my intake of EPA+DHA by 500-1200 mg/day.

From the report:

The best way to increase your Omega-3 Index is to eat more omega-3 fatty acids. These are found primarily in fish, especially “oily”fish such as those near the top in the accompanying table and in dietary supplements (fish, krill, and algal oils).


Since the test I have increased my meat intake considerably such that I’m very close to the far right on the diet/ longevity curve anyway. Since meats also contain some O3 fats, this will undoubtedly be helpful. Unfortunately, the cost of salmon here has sky-rocketed recently, almost doubling in price, and so I’ve been searching for alternatives in the shape of tinned sardines & herring. However, they tend to come with additives such as tomato juice/ ketchup and/ or sunflower oils, or even maize & starches. It’s very difficult to source “clean”& “untainted” tinned fish these days, and so I’m also considering supplementing in the form of O3 pills. Regardless, something needs to be done and Omega Quant suggest testing again 3-4 months after you make any changes to your diet, something I intend doing..

Conclusions & Discount Code for your own Test!

Omega Quant provide a neat & tidy testing package that’s very easy to carry out. The comprehensive test report is well-presented and easy to understand. It tells you ALL you need to know both about the results & any dietary changes you should make as a result. It’s my first ever O3 index test but it certainly won’t be my last! My thanks to Omega Quant for an excellent service.

To get your own test with a 10% discount off the list price, please click on the logo below or visit the Omega Quant website at, quoting coupon code: LIHF10 with your purchase..




6 thoughts on “My Ω-3 Index Test & Results

  1. I did mine at the same time you did yours with similar results while trying to follow a low carb diet and IF. But now I will do zero carb starting March 1 and then retest at their suggested time frame. My blood pressure needs an overhaul!!

    • I’m v low carb now (not quite ZC) but v close to it.
      We’ve also started supping O3 since salmon is no longer cost effective.
      Let’s see what the summer brings, when I’ll be testing again..

  2. Thanks for reviewing the test kit. I was wondering about it so I ordered one and will be excited to find out how I am doing with my fatty acid balance.

  3. Did you ever retake the test and if so what were your results? I just ordered one using your coupon code.

    • Hi Rob. I haven’t yet retaken the test. It would be really interesting to do one again. I must get round to it. Thanks for reading, and the order.
      Would be very interested to know your results too. Maybe you could get involved via the Forum and start a new thread on this??

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