Taking that Final Step to the Right..


Going as far as you can go!

OK, so it’s taken me 5 years to do this but I think I’m finally there! Slowly but surely I’ve been moving to the right on the longevity curve. Gradually, I’ve been dropping my veg & increasing my meat intake and feeling much stronger & happier as a result, such that now I am virtually on a “zero carb” (ZC) diet.

The Spur to go “All the Way”?

Well, I can hardly expound on a theory of longevity and NOT live it myself now can I??!! There was an overwhelming urge & curiosity inside me that was just dying to find out what this would be like, so about a month ago I decided to take the plunge, and the results have been as good, if not better than I expected.

Initial Findings


Age 51: – 1.5 kg on largely Meat & Water

In the 4 weeks or so since I started, my weight has come down 1.5 kg & I recently achieved a new personal best of 11 pull-ups. As I said, I feel better & stronger and I am sleeping very well. I am down to one bowel movement/ day & this is largely a “paperless” affair. A typical day of food is something like this:-

  • Breakfast: around 300g lightly fried bacon, 50g chicken livers and 3 fried eggs + filter coffee with some xylitol & coconut cream.Tea & splash of soy milk during rest of the day.
  • Dinner: around 1-1.5 kg of meat/ fish, usually pork, salmon, beef or chicken followed by dessert of berries & coconut cream.

My basic rule remains the same: eat only when hungry, to complete satiation, and with the exception of exercise, drink only when thirsty!



I am still taking all my supplements, including now Omega 3 capsules as a result of my Omega 3 index test. However, now that I’m high meat, I am considering stopping zinc & calcium altogether. I have long since stopped magnesium. My vitamin D regime of course remains unchanged.

My primary feedback mechanism now is both how I feel and my strength performance, both of which are on the way up, and so do I have any intention of going back at this stage?? What do you think..?? 🙂

6 thoughts on “Taking that Final Step to the Right..

      • If I ate 1.5kg of beef in one sitting, I’d hyperventilate. I’d have to break that into 2 meals

        • My daily total is MAX 1.5 kg. Most in one sitting is around 1kg. Remember, I’m working out hard each day so my demands are fairly high. Personal demands vary according to the individual. Always eat to satiation.. 👊😉

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