A 12-Month Round-Trip in Weight & proving some Theories to boot!


Since starting Zero Carb OR Ultra LIHF as I prefer to call it, my weight has/ continues to fall. As of writing, I am @ 93kg, 1kg less than start of bwt trg 13 months ago! I am glad to report that all of this weight has come off my waist – I’m now comfortably @ 89cm around the navel. I’ve been trying to break that elusive 90cm barrier for a long time now & ZC has finally got me there! This puts my waist/ ht ratio at a nice 0.46, well below the 0.50 limit.


The above graph shows how my weight has changed over the last 13 months or so, since the start of body-weight training in May 2016. As soon as I started training, my appetite started to increase, as one would expect. At this time I was still eating veg, but still what I believed to be a Low Inflammation diet. Performance & weight started to increase almost hand-in-hand. Then, at the start of this year, I went Zero Carb.Β Almost immediately, my weight started to fall, with performance remaining steady and it was soon clear that visually at least, this weight was coming off my waist. Indeed that was soon confirmed by the tape measure and the results I think speak for themselves.

Inflammation Down = Weight Down!

So what’s going on here? To put it simply, inflammation is down, one of the prime markers of which is waist circumference. This has led to a reduction in stored adipose or fat tissue which in turn has led to weight loss. Further, as you can see from above, the weight has NOT come from muscle loss, which is further confirmed by a steady level of performance, see below. The prime reason inflammation has reduced is because of the move to ZC. In my previous post, I discussed how your stools are also a primary inflammatory marker and these have been consistent throughout, in fact, the best they’ve ever been in my lifetime!

Fat Intake – The Hand on the Weight Loss Throttle


Thanks to (U)LIHF, I am now largely able to control my weight-loss through scaling fat in/ out of my diet, so finely in fact that just one or 2 eggs per day can mean the difference between losing or maintaining weight! I am feeling & looking better than ever and my current weight “feels about right”. Where we go from here is anybody’s guess but I wouldn’t be at all surprised if we are heading back to my lowest weight of 89kg, after the initial weight loss, way back when I started this journey.

For those who are interested, I am mainly eating beef in the form burgers; bacon, eggs & liver for breakfast, with some salmon & pork shoulder thrown in for good measure. That’s it!

Proving some Theories

If weight does indeed continue to fall, I fully expect to see an increase in performance, since less weight for the same muscle = improved strength/ wt ratio, thereby supporting Diet Limitation Theory. Time will tell..

However, as far as the Hysteresis Model of Dietary Inflammation & the Hysteresis Model of Inflammation vs. Strength are concerned, these firmly stand the test, at least as far as my findings are concerned.


  • Zero Carb is the ULTIMATE in LIHF Living
  • On ZC your constitutive inflammation comes right down
  • On ZC carb you can easily control weight loss by scaling fat in/ out of your diet
  • ZC supports both the Hysteresis Model of Dietary Inflammation & Hysteresis Model of Inflammation vs. Strength

I am looking forward to finding out what happens next but I’m not going to chase anything – from now on, what happens happens. I am more than content with what I have achieved so far!

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