The Model PT Client – Getting results before you even start!


The “Model” PT Client is organized & thorough

“Client A” is a 54-yr-old menopausal female. She started HIT strength training with me last night. We first met in early July when I gave her my standard “Introduction to LIHF Living” & HIT strength training presentation. She is also a member of Dr. Antti Heikkil√§’s health club which is where she heard about my services.

The first thing that struck me was how knowledgeable Client A was – we must have talked for well over 2 hours during that first meeting! This, I believe, is a direct result of being a member of Antti’s club where detailed discussions about diet & lifestyle are the norm. I always emphasize to clients the importance of diet over training – I can push clients as hard as I like but if their diet is wrong, you’re just trying to roll marbles uphill with your nose. All I had to do therefore was just tie-up some loose ends with regards to achieving a state of low inflammation, prior to embarking on an effective strength training program, as well as explaining in detail the trg program itself.


A thorough briefing helps clients understand, define & set goals

As part of that training program, I ask all clients to keep a 2-week, detailed food diary when we start. To my immense delight, Client A started this immediately after we met, 6wks before the start of training and the results are remarkable. By going on a strict LIHF diet, she had already lost 3 kg’s in weight AND 3cm off her waist BEFORE ANY training has even started, see above. The spreadsheet is one she is keeping herself. Normally I do this for clients but she’s firmly in control here and saving me a lot of work! This allows me to fully focus exclusively on her training. She’s even sending me images of her meals so that, in her own words, I can make an instant assessment of portion sizes.

This kind of attention to detail is what I try to encourage all my clients to do during the initial stages of weight loss. It’s precisely what I did when I started out with LIHF, all those years ago, and is THE key to success. This lady also worked hard for me in the workout itself. Her motivation to succeed is clearly high! If she continues with this attitude, I’m sure she will easily achieve all of her goals, one of which is to lose 15-20kg in weight. Her strong desire to succeed motivates me as well, and together we create a positive feedback loop, that can only result in success!

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