Video – Introduction to LIHF Living

This post is mainly for my Word Press subscribers who have subscribed directly through WP rather than by email, although this is also meant for anyone else who might be interested!

Every time I post a protected post, I get emails from my WP subscribers asking for the password. Such posts are for my personal training clients that I train here in Helsinki, Finland, and NOT for release to the general public, so please don’t send me any more emails asking for the password. [unless of course you are already one of my clients!]

By way of compensation however, I decided to make a small video for my WP followers based on the presentation that I give to all my clients when they start training with me – “An Introduction to LIHF Living.” It is password protected and in order to get the password, you must subscribe by sending an email to LIHFLIVING@GMAIL.COM.¬†It costs you nothing to subscribe & you will be automatically added to the subscription list for any future videos.

I hope you like the video and I look forward to hearing all your comments & feedback!



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