Book – Inflammology 101

Inflammation means many things to many people and is one of the least understood fields of modern medicine. Nick Paterson, military pilot veteran, design engineer & entrepreneur takes a fresh look at this intriguing subject, in particular what it means in terms of your metabolic health.

Based on lessons learned from both his own weight loss journey and those of his numerous clients, Nick explains what it means to be ‘healthy’, in particular with regards to insulin resistance, the root cause of all the major diseases of civilisation. In this book, you will learn what a Low Inflammation diet and lifestyle mean and which bio-metric markers you should be tracking for safe and effective weight loss. It also introduces the entirely new concept of Inflammatory Hysteresis – why some people find it easier to lose weight than others.

This book does not tell you precisely what to eat or how to live your life. Instead it is a comprehensive ‘operations manual’, a guide that provides you with the tools to find out for yourself. The best way to convince anyone that they are doing the right thing is for them to try for themselves, test and adjust accordingly. This book allows you to do just that.

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