Hi and welcome to my blog!

My name is Nick and I live in Finland. I started this blog because I wanted to tell the world about  Low Inflammation, High Fat (LIHF) living and what it has done to change my life and hopefully, at the same time, help/inspire others who wish to do the same.

By 2012 I was in my forties and severely overweight with all kinds of looming health problems such as GERD, hypertension, excessive sweating, etc, etc. In short, I was suffering from something called metabolic syndrome, although I didn’t know it at the time! Though this can not be confirmed now, I was also probably on the verge of becoming Type 2 diabetic with elevated fasting blood glucose levels. I felt and looked awful!!

Then everything changed when a doctor friend of my mine came to visit us after a long absence. I immediately noticed he had lost weight and was looking much younger than his actual age. I asked him, “what have you done?”. He said, “I eat fat and virtually no carbohydrates”. This was a revelation to me! How could you eat fat, virtually no carbohydrates, look as good as he did and STILL be alive???!! It went against everything I had been told BUT there he was, right in front of my eyes looking at least 10 yrs younger and a doctor at that. Had he completely lost it? Or perhaps I had in not believing my eyes?? I decided to read up about it and find out more..

Finally, after having read just about everything I could lay my hands on, I felt I was ready to try it for myself. I was getting fatter and unhealthier all the time and so I figured I HAD TO DO SOMETHING! I also considered myself lucky since I also had a personal friend who not only was a living example of the fact that LIHF works, but also a qualified doctor. I felt I was in safe hands! Hence, at the end of October 2012 I decided to start my new LIHF diet. At that point I weighed 107kg (192cm tall) with a waist of 105cm. By June of 2013 my weight was finally “bottoming out” at 89kg with a waist measurement of 94cm, making a total wt loss of 18kg in only 8 months!

Looking back now I would say that I did not experience any major medical problems at all during the weight loss phase, although I did very nearly give up at one point due to other reasons (see progress page). As you can see from above, I am looking much better and younger. I also feel much better/healthier and all my medical markers are excellent. I’ve also discovered all kinds of other unexpected surprises along the way including an improvement in eyesight which means I no longer need to use glasses at all! I am able to exercise again which only adds to the quality of my life, although ALL my weight loss was achieved with NO exercise at all!

This is a warts and all blog; I will hold nothing back about what I have done/am doing to maintain a healthy LIHF lifestyle, as well as general commentary on all things related to LIHF and the current, global obesity epidemic . Some might consider my lifestyle extreme but in my opinion, I am eating simple, healthy foods the way we are designed to. Physically I can do just about anything I want to, I am healthy and of a normal weight again when most people around me aren’t. So who exactly is extreme???

I hope you enjoy this blog and find it useful and informative. I will try to explain everything in a very simple, easy to understand manner so that you have no doubt about how and why LIHF works and why you have no need to fear FAT! Maybe it will inspire you to make the wonderful, life-changing decision to go LIHF?? I do hope so. Indeed, like me, it may even save your life!

I look forward to hearing all of your comments and feedback!



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    • Thank you Becky! Your support is very much appreciated. Motivating people to do the same is what it’s ALL about for me and gives me the motivation to keep blogging! 😉

  2. Hello Nick, you have a gem of a blog here and I enjoy your writings and sharing of personal experiences. God bless you and yours.

    • Thank you so much Juliet for your kind words 🙂 This spurs me on to do even more! There is much to do if we are to defeat “diabesity”. This is just the beginning.. 😉

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  4. Just came over to check out your Blog and its Wonderful. I saw you had posted on another bloggers post I follow and you and I had the same thoughts, as a newbie to your Blog I look forward to reader and sharing some of your insights on Low Carb. Happy new Follower here!!

  5. Hi Nick, i’ve just read your transformation story – congratulations! very inspiring. I’m a similar size to what you were, I had a brief try at lchf and didn’t lose any weight – but i snacked too much. It is now post new years and the associated alcohol and excess food consumption so i’m about to restart and do it properly. thanks for adding your story. Justin

    • Thank you for your kind words Justin!
      If I could give you one piece of advice right now it would be that “there are no shortcuts!” Keep it strict, keep it tight & the weight loss will take care of itself 😉
      Good luck with your efforts!

  6. Hey Nick

    Amazing before and after photos.

    Its true, on a LCHF we can lose weight (mostly fat too) without having to exercise.

    In the past when I used to exercise and have a ‘balanced’ diet, I would still have a belly.

    Now I do LCHF, intermittent fasting, no exercise and I can see my abs.

    • Thanks Leo. Yeah, just go ultra low carb [& low inflammation] & your abs will push through of their own accord 👊😉

  7. I’m going to give this LCHF a go. I recently had a 23&me genome report and they advised I can’t metabolise Sat Fat to will try more PUFs from fish/ veg instead. Hopefully that will that be okay..

    • Hi Nick,

      Do you know this for sure? I mean, have done your own testing?
      If it’s true then you gotta make sure your O3/6 balance is correct.
      As you say, plenty of fish but no seed oils (inflammatory)

    • I have the same situation with saturated fat metabolization. I can’t tell in my digestion, and I crave fat, especially butter. So, I don’t know what is going to work for me with this gene. I guess if I want to lose fat, I’ll need to reduce the saturated fat and eat more olive oil and fish. As long as the carbs are low, I should be okay.

  8. just ordered 2 keto diet books after reading your thread determined to gt healthy eating back

  9. Hi Nick

    Excellent information here. My weight loss has stalled and after reading this think it may be tied to dairy consumption. Going to get rid of it and see what happens. Your before and after picture is remarkable. Are you sure you only lost 18kg?

    • Maybe closer to 20kg but no more than that. As you can see, I was extremely bloated due to inflammation, like a balloon, which actually weighs very little!

  10. Thanks for your blog man! Always a star in the sky to see people can change at any age and circumstances!

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