Strength Training & Chemotherapy – Ultimate Fitness Client Interview

40-year-old Glenn from New Zealand lives in Finland with his wife and two young children. In 2015 he was diagnosed with stage 4 lymphoma. In this interview he gives his reasons for choosing a low-inflammation, ketogenic diet and high intensity strength training to help him beat the disease..


Summer is here at last!

Finally, the sun is out and summer is back once more in the Nordics. Time to get those shoes & socks off and the flips on for some precious and FREE Vitamin D, courtesy of the sun. In one of my earlier posts prior to the winter, I explained how I was increasing my Vitamin…

My Exercise “Routine”

The beauty of LCHF is that exercise is an option, not an absolute requirement. ALL my weight loss was achieved WITHOUT any major exercise at all. Indeed, as I have already explained, if you are having to exercise to control weight, you need to change your diet. In the days prior to LCHF, I was like most of the…