Keto Beef Kebabs

BBQ season is in full swing here and what better than some VERY easy and simple beef kebabs to fill you up! You’ll be surprised at just how easy and tasty these are. For best results, use a high-fat content beef, not too lean, a) for the fat content itself in order to satiate and…

Oven-Baked Broccoli

This has now become our preferred way of preparing broccoli. Prior to this we steamed it. It’s far tastier and possibly preserves the goodness even better than steaming does. The method is exactly the same as for kale chips i.e: Some broccoli Olive oil Salt & pepper to taste Preheat oven to 175c. Take a large…

Lo-Carb Banana Pancakes

A very simple, tasty recipe & a great desert that’s really quick to prepare. No need for any sweetener; the bananas are all you need! Ingredients: – 3 bananas – 6 eggs – 3/4 teaspoon of baking powder – 1 teaspoon of vanilla powder Method: Mix all the ingredients together using a food processor or hand blender. Fry in coconut oil…

Dairy-Free, Coconut Cream Panna Cotta

We’ve been experimenting with some “traditional” dessert recipes by converting them to a) dairy-free when necessary and also b) making them LCHF compatible by replacing/ reducing carb content. Here’s the latest one.. Traditional Panna Cotta is usually made with cream. Here we’ve substituted coconut cream for the dairy version and xylitol for the sugar. All the…

LCHF Meal Plan, Day 2: P.M. & Dinner

Dinner was as per the plan with some popcorn in olive oil & salt for “dessert”. I had some resistant starch and a boiled egg dipped in mayo in the afternoon.  Next meal will be Day 3 breakfast.. Day 2, #lunch #LCHFMealPlan #LCHF #resistantstarch — LCHF Living (@lchfliving) October 26, 2015

LCHF Meal Plan, Day 2: Breakfast

Day 2, #breakfast #LCHFMealPlan #LCHF #supplements — LCHF Living (@lchfliving) October 26, 2015 6 rashers of bacon plus all the usual stuff. Current weight: 93.2kg, Waist: 89cm No planned exercise today.

Day 1: Dinner

Day 1: dinner. No planned dessert. Had coffee and croissant earlier today. #lchf — LCHF Living (@lchfliving) October 25, 2015