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Glad I found your website.  Your name came out of an interview with Ivor Cummings, a favorite of mine.  You have added to my knowledge already, especially in the area of inflammation which incidentally I had wanted to research further.  Congratulations on your health progress and all you do to help others! 

I have been working on my health more seriously over the last 10 months.  Was: ht 72" wst 36" wt 183 lbs BP 145/88. After 5 mo:wst 32" wt 163 lbs BP 120/60.  Also have reduction in joint pain. 

Our diet includes good vegetables and dairy and some treats so we may needs to 'tighten up' some.  Pleased with results so far. 

Have also been exercising and want to try to mimic your program (80%) in a at home setting if possible.  Have increased my pull-ups from from 1.5 to 8. Is it possible to do this at home?  I know I will not be able to vary weight as you do but hoping to get most of the benefits tracking time and will try to increase difficulty as I progress in other ways.

Best Regards!

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