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Help with lIHF and numbers

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Ive learned so much! On my own, via low carb eating, I’ve lost 40lbs and lowered my A1C from 5.7 to 4.7. I stalled now for a year, trying all the usual suspects (dairy, stress, etc.). So I joined a low carb weight loss/ metabolic health clinic. I’ve been there 4 months now and my A1C has gone up with each lab (now at 5.4) my lipid ratios are all much worse and my hs-CRP has shot up to over 7! My insulin has gone down from 4 to 3.4. Ive lost 20 more pounds in the last 4 months and have about 30 more to lose.  Doctor’s had me on beef and salt only for 3 of the last months.

1. Do I keep working with this doctor or find someone else? * I like this doctor a ton, but I’m unsure if Dr. is experienced enough to work with such a complicated patient (as the doctor puts it.) I don’t know how to compare clinics as a health consumer.

2. Do you have any suggestions for lowering my inflammation? 

Thank you if you have read this far. I don’t know where else to turn.