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[Sticky] Remote beta tester - What do I need to get going?

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Just joined the forum so eager first-time poster here!

I've been going through old blog posts trying to find info on what lab measurements we should keep an eye on, as well as what training equipment might be useful for getting going on the training. I thought it might be useful to collect that information for later so it can be referred to when necessary.

So two questions, really:

  1. what labs should I get to establish a baseline?
  2. what equipment would be useful, given that I'll be working out at home?

With regards to training equipment I have a stall bar at home with a movable pullup bar attachment and rings to go with it, so rows and pushups with adjustable height should be easy enough to organize. But for pulldowns and overhead presses I think something else might be needed.

Looking forward to get to work on this!


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