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Hi and thank you for everything you add to the "health seeking" community! You are another extremely encouraging role model!

I heard you on Ivor Cummins podcast and you asked for testimonials! I fit the profile you described perfectly! I am 51 years old and perimenopausal, I have struggled with my weight all my life and realized that I had PCOS in my 30s (funny how that never was diagnosed when I was trying desperately to have a 3rd child and was put on the pill - thanks for listening dr!). I started keto, fasting and IF in March 2018. Like most I had started this journey to lose weight - little did I know! I became enthralled with this way of life and read (and continue to read) and listen to EVERYTHING I can get my hands on about LCHF\keto.  I no longer have severe symptoms that went along with fibromyalgia and have been able to stop ALL meds (there was a lot). Major victory that I had not foreseen when I started.

When I started, I lost about 20lbs and 7 inches around my waist in 7 months. Then I stagnated for 4 months then my weight started creeping back up. I have not regained all the weight (about 10lbs) and  my waist is 2" up. I will never go back to carbs nor to 3 meals a day, however I am disappointed with the weight situation. I have been toying with the idea of carnivor, but I love cooking and veggies. I once tried to give up dairy and hadn't felt any benefits (perhaps not long enough - 2 weeks).  I don't have the super energy that I had in the beginning either. Like you, ketosis is low unless I fast 36 hours or more.  

I could probably go on and on, but I think that's enough for my first post.

I am open to thoughts and any knowledge I can acquire. I am happy to have found yet another place to share.

Joce 🙂