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More evidence that HOMA-IR

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As the blood tests start coming in from beta testers, I'm becoming more and more convinced that in order to claim true IS, you need a HOMA-IR much less than 1.0.

Supporting my claim are not only current long-term UF gym clients whose HOMA-IR's have fallen to as low as 0.35, but also the latest bloods from online beta testers; a couple in their 30's have come in with HOMA-IR's of 0.5 & 0.7. I also have a gym client who has tested their 2-yr-old son and they have a HOMA-IR of 0.4.

In evolutionary terms, the lower your insulin the better.

HOMA-IR = 1.0 is still indicative of mild IR or even IH in my humble opinion.


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