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HOMA-IR vs Kraft Curves: IH could be MUCH worse than we think!

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@finmn came up with this great graphic form his research on HOMA-IR vs. Kraft curves.

As you can see, for elevated HOMA-IR <= 2.68, we start to see an increase in Pattern 3+ Kraft profiles suggesting that HOMA-IR may not be picking up all those with really deep IR/IH.

This MAY suggest that even if you have only mild "sticky" IR/IH on HOMA-IR of, say, 1.0-1.5, you could still be high up on the Kraft scale of IR/ diabetes.

This tells me that HOMA-IR >1.0 is perfectly adequate for a quick look-see as to who is IR but if you want the detail and the "severity" you need to be looking at the dynamics of your insulin response over time by doing a IGTT + Kraft Curve assessment.

In other words, things could be even worse than we think!

I'll leave @finmn to comment further on this..

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