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LC to KETO in 17 yrs with a dash of diabetes - My weight loss journey slow and stubborn!

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Found your forum after listening to your podcast with Ivor Cummins

I've had weight issues since aged 8/9 yrs old - Low fat diets don't work!

My first baby was 9lb so had an OGTT test for 2nd baby passed, he was 12lb [passed on weight issues to him]

After his birth I developed severe premenstrual migraines, progressively got worse every month ended up in A&E with stroke like symptoms a hemiplegic migraine. Suggestion to control blood sugars may help.

Atkins was popular lots of research started April 2003, lost 35 ish lbs weight stalled after a year. BUT stuck to the diet as no more migraines. Slowly regained 2/3rds of the weight back over 14 yrs. In Ocr 17 I developed T2 diabetes so I switched to KETO A1c 87 mmol/mol on diagnosis.

Again on KETO I stalled for 3 months at same weight as Atkins then realised my issue excess protein [gluconeogenesis my issue on Atkins too much protein] I lowered my protein intake, THIS broke my stall I dropped another 30lbs. By 6 months I'd lowered my A1c to 42 mmol/mol nearly in the normal range and by Oct 18 it was 31 mmol/mol and the following Oct 30 mmol/mol so maintained diabetic remission for 2.5 yrs now.

I then stalled for over a year and cut dairy, which I then discovered I'm lactose intolerant as, I'd had hearing issues for over 4 years  - blocked eustachian tubes [even saw an ENT specialist told to live with it] By 2 weeks breathing better by 6 weeks could equalise ear pressure and hearing recovered

However this DIDN'T restart weight loss.

I remembered what Dr Kraft said You can have hyperinsulinemia long before you develop diabetes so could the converse be true you can have normal A1c but still have hyperinsulinemia.

I only passed one of the five metabolic health markers A1c

So I looked at Dr Fungs alternate day fasting ADF [I was already doing intermittent fasting IF 18:6] ADF broke my 1 yr stall another 20/25lbs down and two more health markers improved waistline and blood pressure and blood glucose even lower.

I can't test Trigs & HDL at home next test due Oct 20 - Covid permitting 

Weight loss stalled again, I need to lose another 5-8lbs to be the top end of my ideal goal weight. However at 53 this is the lowest weight I've been since 15/16 yrs old!

BUT I've been eating unpasteurized cheese of late [my weakness] as no impact on sinus/middle ear issues. After your podcast could it be casein now causing me the weight stall issues, something to look into. 

I'm also interested in weight/HIIT exercise as I think this maybe the final piece of the jigsaw puzzle I need 

Hyperinsulinemia pain! And yes it seems to be an issue more with woman of a certain age, can't eat lots of proteins, smaller muscles or issues with hormones perhaps!


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