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[Sticky] Male, mid 40's, with IH??

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The first sets of bloods are starting to come in from the UF Online Beta testing trial and this particular one is very interesting, see attached. He also provided a set of bloods from Feb this year and so we have a nice 8-month comparison.

He claims to have made some very strict dietary changes since Feb and is eating fairly clean but says he's also eating A LOT of cheese. Based on his waist/ height ratio he doesn't appear to be overweight at all although this can be fairly subjective according to who is doing the measuring!

Regardless, the bloods show IR increasing over 8 months from an already elevated level. Trigs have improved slightly but again remain elevated. All the rest look OK. 

He's signed up as a client for inflammological intervention and one of the first things I'm getting him to do is to drop all that cheese! We will also embark on weekly HIT strength training to drive up his insulin sensitivity. Interestingly, he also had some TRT treatment this year. Could it be that his IR is partly responsible for the low testosterone??

Time will tell but if he doesn't respond well to the intervention, he may be yet another case of 'stubborn' IH, either acquired or hereditary. 

Will post more as we progress..