Exercise: NOT required for weight loss!

This may surprise some people but IT IS NOT necessary to exercise in order to lose weight (see why LIHF works)! During my weight loss phase I did virtually NO EXERCISE at all. In fact, if you are overweight, I would not recommend that you attempt any vigorous exercise at all since you may well do more harm than good. Besides, exercising in an overweight condition is a strenuous, stressful and altogether unpleasant experience. On an LIHF diet it’s possible to lose all excess weight without exercise. I do exercise now, AFTER losing all excess weight and it is all the more pleasant/rewarding as a result! Exercise on LIHF is an OPTION and NOT a requirement but the chances are that after losing weight you’ll start to feel so good that you will simply want to do some exercise.

I publish details about exactly what kind of exercises I am doing on the blog. This is now all body-weight resistance training, and is something that ANYONE can & should be able to find time to do.

See blog posts for more details to come..

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