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Consultancy Services

Nick specializes in providing dietary advice concerning the Low Inflammation, Ketogenic diet to the over-40’s, both online and in person. Personal, face-to-face mentoring  (both in Finnish & English) is available within the Helsinki, Finland metropolitan area only at the present time. For further details, please contact Nick via the contact page.

Public Speaking & Other Engagements

For availability regarding public speaking & other engagements please contact Nick via the contact page.

Voluntary Donations

Everything Nick has blogged about he has tested out on himself via the simple process of evidence-based medicine. None of it is really rocket science but it takes time and effort to produce these blog posts and do the background scientific research to go with it. If you like what Nick is doing and find this site informative then a voluntary donation, no matter how small, will help to keep the site going and allow us to produce even better and more interesting content for your benefit!

Things we are am planning for the future:

  • Nick is currently writing his first book, “The Inflammation Pyramid – A practical guide to Low Inflammation Living & Longevity” (working title)All proceeds will go to keeping the website going for FREE! You can pre-order your copy by registering your interest here.
  • Upgrade the site so that it is free of all advertising.. FOREVER!
  • More recipes and ideas for food preparation
  • Increased frequency of blog posts
  • Podcasting/ YouTube Channel
  • Interviews with other lay LCHF practitioners from around the world.

This is just for starters! Where we go from there depends on you, the readers of this site. Please help us to help us all to make LIHF the new lifestyle revolution. Every little helps..

Thank you!

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