Services & Support

Ultimate Fitness, FinlandNick specializes in providing dietary advice concerning the Low Inflammation, Ketogenic diet, and strength training using high intensity, short duration techniques, in particular for the over-40’s, both in Finnish & English. He also runs his own personal training business, Ultimate Fitness. The strength training techniques are based upon the “Body by Science” book by Dr. Doug McGuff and Nick is the only approved strength training coach in Finland to be using these techniques, see here. With only a few minutes training per week, you are able to:-

  • Improve Trig/HDL cholesterol ratios
  • Increase metabolism
  • Optimize CV health
  • Improve flexibility
  • Increase insulin sensitivity
  • Increase bone density
  • Lose fat
  • Reduce inflammation & hence increase longevity!

Online Training:

Ultimate Fitness now offers online training & consultation services. You can book your initial consultation here.


David “C” Series

Training takes place in a safe, controlled environment using the David “C series” strength training machines. This ensures that the risk of injury is kept to an absolute minimum. Progress is meticulously recorded and the training is modified to suit the client as their strength increases. This service is available within the Helsinki, Finland metropolitan area only at the present time.

“The Inflammation Pyramid” Book

Nick is currently writing his first book, “The Inflammation Pyramid – A practical guide to Low Inflammation Living & Longevity” (working title). All proceeds will go towards keeping the website going for FREE! You can pre-order your copy by registering your interest here. Everything Nick has blogged about he has tested out on himself and his clients via the simple process of evidence-based medicine. None of it is really rocket science but it takes time and effort to produce these blog posts and do the background scientific research to go with it. Funding from the book and his PT services will help to keep this valuable work going.