LCHF Meal Plan, Days 7 & 8

Apologies for no post yesterday. I was away from my computer all day, so here’s the update for the final 2 days of the LCHF meal plan.. Day 7: All according to the plan except I had a croissant and coffee in the afternoon and panna cotta as dessert after dinner. No exercise. Day 8,…

LCHF Meal Plan, Day 5: Breakfast

Just had breakfast and all still going according to plan. Waist & weight steady. No planned exercise today. Next scheduled meal: dinner. Will post any other snacks etc., on Twitter during the day..

LCHF Meal Plan, Day 3: Breakfast

No changes to the current plan. Breakfast as usual.. We are experimenting with dairy-free, coconut cream panna cotta . We prepared some last night and left it in the fridge to set overnight. I just tried some and the results are pretty good. More on this, including recipe later..

Practical Ketogenics: Breakfast, keep it simple!

Breakfast, my favourite and sometimes ONLY really big meal of the day, depending on what I’m doing. This forms the basis of my day and I vary the amount according do the day’s projected energy requirements. For example, if I’m expecting a relatively sedentary day sitting at the desk I just have a small amount…