“Cancer & Inflammation” – Guest Post by Sandy Cardy

In 2012 Sandy was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. In this, our first ever guest blog post, Sandy discusses cancer, inflammation and the importance she places on a low-inflammation lifestyle for both health & longevity..


Melanoma: The Scary Link Between Diet and Skin Cancer

I Just stumbled upon an article on the Nutrition Advance website and I consider it so important that I decided to immediately “go to press” and share this with you! The main points from the article are these:- There is a clear, strong link between sunburn and risk of melanoma. This fact is not in debate.…

The link between Cancer & Glucose

It wasn’t until after I started LIHF living in 2012 that I began to hear about the link between cancer cells and glucose.  Further research recently led me to the “Verners Views” website run by Dr Verner Wheelock. In this article Verner describes the remarkable research of Otto Warburg who back in 1931 discovered that cancer…