Hysteresis Model of Dietary Inflammation

The longer you spend on a high(er) inflammation diet, the greater the permanent damage & hence the longevity penalty, thanks to hysteresis..


Diet Limitation Theory

All diets have an inherent level of inflammation that will limit performance. Here’s how to improve that performance & increase longevity using Diet Limitation Theory..

My Exercise “Routine”

The beauty of LCHF is that exercise is an option, not an absolute requirement. ALL my weight loss was achieved WITHOUT any major exercise at all. Indeed, as I have already explained, if you are having to exercise to control weight, you need to change your diet. In the days prior to LCHF, I was like most of the…

Travel: Practical Ketogenics, Greece, Crete

    Depending on exactly where you end up, travelling abroad can be challenging for LCHF practitioners, but only if you let it be so. With just a little bit of thought & pre-planning your holiday can be just as enjoyable as staying at home from a dietary perspective.  We are currently holidaying on the beautiful…