LCHF Meal Plan, Days 7 & 8

Apologies for no post yesterday. I was away from my computer all day, so here’s the update for the final 2 days of the LCHF meal plan.. Day 7: All according to the plan except I had a croissant and coffee in the afternoon and panna cotta as dessert after dinner. No exercise. Day 8,…

LCHF Meal Plan, Day 6: P.M. & Dinner

OK, this was dinner on Day 6 and probably the quickest and best value of all so far. Supermarket roast chicken, fresh from the meat counter with veg, mayo and kale chips. Prior to this, I just had some resistant starch again in the afternoon. The olive bread was primarily used to mop the plate clean.…

LCHF Meal Plan, Day 5: P.M. & Dinner

Afternoon "snack", Day 5 #LCHFMealPlan #ResistantStarch #LCHF — LCHF Living (@lchfliving) October 29, 2015 Today’s P.M. “snack” consisted of some more resistant starch which took my small hunger away nicely. Dinner was as per the plan with same dessert as yesterday i.e. blueberries, pecan nuts and coconut cream. Next meal: Day 6 breakfast..

LCHF Meal Plan, Day 4: P.M. & Dinner

Afternoon #coffee #lchfmealplan #lchf — LCHF Living (@lchfliving) October 28, 2015 All still going to plan. Just had the final lot of chicken salsa casserole, some blueberries & coconut cream with pecan nuts for dessert, plus the above P.M. snack. Next meal: Day 5 Breakfast..

LCHF Meal Plan, Day 3: P.M. & Dinner

Just had one of these #riceicecream #nodairy #lchfmealplan #lchf 😃 — LCHF Living (@lchfliving) October 27, 2015 Dinner according to plan plus a new recipe; panna cotta for dessert. Recipe coming up shortly.. Also had one of the above as a treat in the afternoon. No pre-planned exercise today. Next meal: Day 4 breakfast..