Dark green Veg, the cheap alternative to magnesium supplements

I have talked about the supplements that I take in previous posts, one of the most important ones being magnesium.  Magnesium is important because it helps to calm muscles and nerves. Lack of Magnesium can lead to cramps and muscle seizures, including both the heart and brain, both potentially fatal. The trouble with most magnesium…

LCHF Meal Plan, Day 2: P.M. & Dinner

Dinner was as per the plan with some popcorn in olive oil & salt for “dessert”. I had some resistant starch and a boiled egg dipped in mayo in the afternoon.  Next meal will be Day 3 breakfast.. Day 2, #lunch #LCHFMealPlan #LCHF #resistantstarch pic.twitter.com/EUcFJOf0eb — LCHF Living (@lchfliving) October 26, 2015

Day 1: Dinner

Day 1: dinner. No planned dessert. Had coffee and croissant earlier today. #lchf pic.twitter.com/fyiIYHLE04 — LCHF Living (@lchfliving) October 25, 2015

LCHF “Fat Bomb” Burgers

Forget what I said about the salmon & kale, THIS is my new favourite meal! Delicious & VERY simple to make. Full of fat and hence guaranteed to satiate.  Serve straight out of the oven with kale chips, some veg, home-made mayo and/or Dijon mustard. Alternatively, just serve cold out of the fridge dipped in mayo with a…

Salmon, Kale Chips & Homemade Mayonnaise

Possibly my favourite meal right now; tasty, filling and very simple to prepare. We always have some mayo on the go in the fridge. It’s a delicious additional source of fat and will go with just about any meal, including bacon & eggs for breakfast, salads, deviled eggs, etc., etc. Kale is a great source of vitamin K, vitamin…