n=1 & Proud! Four years of Bloods & Bio-Markers in one post..

Four years of LIHF Living. All my bloods & bio-markers in one post. Also, how to become part of the “n=1 Database”..


Latest Bloods, Lipids & Bio-Markers

The results are just in and, as promised, here they all are together with a full breakdown of all parameters and their interpretation.. Age: 50 Gender: Male Ethnicity: White, Caucasian Height: 1.92 m Weight: 94.8 kg Waist circumference: 90 cm Blood pressure: 130/70 For comparison purposes, last year’s results may be found here.. Breakdown & Interpretation Lipoproteins A1 &…

Blood has been drawn!

Just back from the health centre where my fasting bloods were taken. As soon as I have the results, I will publish them right here on the blog.. My previous set of results are here. 

2.5 yrs in on LCHF and here are my latest bloods..

Results of blood test taken 18/06/2015: ApoB: 1.10                  (ref: <1.20 g/L) ApoA1: 1.73                (ref: >1.15 g/L) ApoB/A1: 0.64             (ref: <0.90) Cholesterol: 6.0          (ref range: 3.3-6.9 mmol/L) Triglycerides: 1.03    …