My Ω-3 Index Test & Results

An easy, cost-effective way to get your Omega-3 Index tested through the post with a 10% discount on your own test..


Melanoma: The Scary Link Between Diet and Skin Cancer

I Just stumbled upon an article on the Nutrition Advance website and I consider it so important that I decided to immediately “go to press” and share this with you! The main points from the article are these:- There is a clear, strong link between sunburn and risk of melanoma. This fact is not in debate.…

Good Fats, Bad Fats & the Omega Fatty Acids

Not all fats are the same and as a successful LCHF practitioner you should have a basic understanding of the kinds of dietary fats that are out there and what they mean for your health.  I consider this one of the most important parts of your LCHF knowledge. SFAs, MUFAs & PUFAs As discussed, fats…